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The 67th meeting of the European Language Council Board took place on-line on the 18th of June, 2021. The meeting had a number of items on its agenda. First, the Board members focused on the selection of abstracts submitted for CEL/ELC conference on Languages and Rights and (2nd-3rd of December, 2021, online format hosted by the University of Antwerp, Belgium) and the provisional programme draft. The leader of the CEL/ELC working group on Languages and Rights Professor Maurizio Viezzi (University of Trieste, Italy, CUITY President) provided a brief outline of the selection procedure and results. The Board members agreed on the conference key slots and formats of academic exchange. The conference will unite speakers of Academia and Industry. The keynote speeches will cover linguistic and legal dimensions of language and rights. The major tracks for discussions span areas of language rights and interpreting, language and rights in policy making, languages and rights in COVID-19 communication. The selected abstracts of the prospective reports respectively integrate the issues of the legal concept of vulnerability linked to language rights, language policies on community interpreting accuracy in codes of professional ethics for legal interpreters, explore EU language and translation policy, digital tools for migrant communities translation in healthcare crisis communication. Due to COVID-19 emergency a specific session will focus on linguistic diversity, accessibility of multilingual information about COVID19 in metropolitan cities and information provision during COVID-19 in multilingual states. The panel on the role of public authorities, academia and professional associations in addressing the issue of Language and Rights is specified on the agenda, as well. Another item on the agenda concerned the CEL/ELC Outstanding Doctorate Award 2021 Presentation. The award winner will receive a prize of € 1500 and will be given the opportunity to present his/her research at the CEL/ELC Conference and to submit an article based on her/his dissertation for consideration by one of the journals linked to the CEL/ELC1 with a recommendation by the Award Committee. The respective documentation has been published on the CEL/ELC site. The President of Prize Committee Professor Mireia Trenchs-Parera (Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona) outlined the selection procedure outcomes of the first round of PhD dissertations submitted for the 2021 contest and set forth the proposals for the second review round procedure. Forthcoming academic events and contests Some members of the present journal editorial board (Professor Maurizio Viezzi, Professor Michael Kelly, Professor Piet Van de Craen, Professor Anastasia Atabekova) took part in the mentioned meeting in their capacity of the European Language Council Academic Board. The editorial team kindly invites the journal readership to put the conference dates in the diaries and consider the opportunity for PhD students submit their dissertations for future CEL/ELC Outstanding Doctorate Award contests.

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